Exam Technique Mastery 


The ultimate online course to transform your Biology exam technique to skyrocket your grade.


The only course of its kind that not only teaches you to identify your weaknesses and how to set effective targets, but also provides you with the tools and resources to know exactly how to improve.


Before I dive into the extensive course content, let me tell you who this course is for... 

It is for students just like you! 

You are confident with the information, but keep losing marks on exam questions. You struggle with those challenging application questions and picky mark schemes. The thought of writing a biology essay petrifies you and you desperately want guidance and model essays. 

Whether you’re…

  • A high achieving student who is keen to secure an A* and already has a great understanding of the material, but application questions and essays can seem daunting.  
  • A student struggling to make progress, tired and demotivated by the lack of improvement you see from your efforts. 
  • A budding medic or dentist who is striving for top grades to have a chance in such a competitive field.

You’re in the right place!

Exam Technique Mastery will give you the tools, resources and knowledge to approach any type of Biology exam question with confidence.
I'm ready to start!

What is included? 

  • 7 dynamic and interactive lessons covering data analysis, critical analysis, application, extended response and practical skills.
  • Lesson slides
  • Exclusive flashcards
  • Exclusive exam questions, mark schemes and video walkthroughs
  • Access to an exclusive study community
  • Bonus AQA essay lesson, including a model essay

Student Testimonials

Lilly - Y13 Student

Taking part in the course has improved the way I view and approach A-level biology exam questions.  

I really like the way in which the lessons have been designed to teach you, give you practice and feedback all within one lesson. This made the course both manageable and incredibly valuable. The course broke down each type of exam question, explaining how to hit the key marking points and as a result I saw my marks improving throughout the course but could also easily identify my weaker areas. This allowed me to make my revision beyond the course more focused.

Overall I couldn’t recommend the course enough in helping to better understand the types of exam questions and answer them effectively. 

Zakir - Y13 Student

I was working at a B, a signed up to the course as I need to get an A/A* for medicine.

I really liked how the journey through the course is individualised based on your own strength and weaknesses using SMART targets and PACED assessment. I liked how self-directed the course was and how it is on the student in terms of how much they want to get out of the course, which is unique but also beneficial as it encourages self-motivation rather than relying on an external source to get you through the course content.

The course helped me with accountability as that is what I’d struggled with. This was through the exam support community of like-minded students and access to Miss Estruch herself, which was really encouraging and helpful in pushing me forward.

Navdeep -

Gap year student resitting


I understand the Biology content well but always struggle to apply my knowledge to the questions.

Having done this course now has really helped me to understand where my weaknesses are and highlighting this with the interactive videos has been so insightful and helpful.

Setting SMART targets and using PACED analysis is something I will definitely be implementing moving forward.

This course helped me improve my exam technique and ability to answer questions confidently in exams.

One-Time Payment


Pay less overall in one go

  • 7 dynamic lessons to transform your exam technique
  • Lesson slides
  • Exclusive exam questions, mark schemes and video walkthroughs
  • Practical skills flashcards
  • Bonus AQA lesson (including model essay)
  • Access to exclusive study community

4 monthly payments


Monthly payment

  • 7 dynamic lessons to transform your exam technique
  • Lesson slides
  • Exclusive exam questions, mark schemes and video walkthroughs
  • Practical skills flashcards
  • Bonus AQA lesson (including model essay)
  • Access to exclusive study community

All The Tools You Need To Help You Achieve An A* 

I will show you how to approach exam questions with confidence and identify the key areas that you need to focus on. You will learn how to manage your time effectively during exams, understand how to approach different question types, and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for success.

Take the Leap and Start Improving



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