The ultimate online course to transform your Biology essay technique to skyrocket your grade.


The only course of its kind that not only fully explains the essay mark scheme, but also provides you with the tools and resources to know exactly how to write the essay with model examples and tricks to succeed. 


Before I dive into the extensive bootcamp content, let me tell you who this course is for... 

It is for students just like you! 

You are confident with the information, but keep losing marks on the essay due to how you structured your answer. You struggle with knowing how to link your paragraphs back to 'The Importance of'. The thought of writing a biology essay petrifies you and you desperately want guidance and model essays. 

Whether you’re…

  • A high achieving student who is keen to secure an A* and already has a great understanding of the material, but can't seem to get a high enough essay score.  
  • A student struggling with the essay and lacking the guidance to know how to improve. 
  • A budding medic or dentist who is striving for top grades to have a chance in such a competitive field.

You’re in the right place!

Biology Essay Bootcamp will give you the tools, resources and knowledge to approach any essay title with confidence.
I'm ready to start!

What is included? 

  • 6 dynamic and interactive lessons planning, writing and marking the essay
  • Lesson slides
  • A model essay
  • Beyond the specification suggestions required to gain full marks
  • Topics to manipulate to apply to many essay titles

Student Testimonials

Sofia - Y13 Student

"Helped me develop the skills needed to write the perfect essay"

"I can't put into words how much this course has helped me to develop the skills needed to write the perfect essay.

What I particularly enjoyed was the beyond the specification lesson and how the examples given can be linked to so many different topics too. Additionally, this course helped to get a better understanding of what the mark scheme consists of and what needs to be done in order to achieve top band marks.

I have always struggled to plan my essays efficiently and how to link it back to the essay title, but I can finally say that this course has helped me to solve those problems. I believe the course is worth the money and totally recommend it since you get a greater level of awareness of how you get assessed, the mark scheme, beyond the specification topics and how some topics can be applied to multiple essays too. 

This course was the best of its kind for value for money, helped me improve my essay-writing skills, has exceptionally helpful lesson resources and I would definitely recommend it to students.

All The Tools You Need To Help You Achieve Full Marks on the Essay

I will explain the mark scheme to you so that you know exactly how to structure the essay to get full marks.  You will learn how to create essay plans for revision, topics to include for the 'beyond the specification' marks and key topics you can manipulate to fit multiple essay titles.  You will be guided through planning and writing a title and talked through a model essay. Everything you need to understand and improve in the essay.

Get the essay support you need to boost your grade



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