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Boost your understanding and memory: The active recall workbook focuses on active testing, the proven method to improve your learning.


Introducing our AQA Y12 Theory Notes: The Ultimate Time-Saver!

  • Say goodbye to endless note-taking: These theory notes are here to rescue you from the note-taking marathon.
  • Prioritise exam preparation: With these notes, you'll have more time to focus on practising actual exam questions, rather than getting lost in note-writing.
  • Additional learning-enhancing features include keywords, visuals, topic summaries, and essay links for each topic.
  • Digital convenience: These notes are digital, allowing you to easily print them out and organise them in your folder for quick access.
  • Stay engaged in class: By using these notes, you can read, highlight, and annotate during lessons instead of constantly taking notes. This way, you'll be actively engaged and have the option to listen and absorb the lesson content.

Comprehensive coverage: These theory notes cover topics 1-4, providing you with all the necessary information.

Maximise your study efficiency and be fully present in your lessons with these AQA Y12 Theory Notes. It's time to embrace a smarter approach to learning!

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